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Empower Together Kenya Foundation is currently partnering with Pundo Community Based Organisation.

Below is the information regarding PCBO:



Pundo is a name of the late pre-dominant chief of Kanyadoto location which was by then under Ndhiwa Division, South Nyanza District in Nyanza Province. Now it is under Nyarongi division, Ndhiwa district in Nyanza province (County,Homabay).The chief who was powerful and rich died in 1967 and left behind more than ten wives, a number of children and grand-children. Some part of the community live in a place called Unga. After his demise, the family that has turned to a big community became poor due to the death of the sons /daughters. Due to the death of the sons and their wives, many of his grand children have remained orphans who cannot afford to complete school for lack of school fees. It is this main challenge of education that led to the birth of “Pundo Community Based Development Organization”.


A part from education, the community also has a big water problem and this will also be addressed in our objectives. Besides this, there is no nearby health facility that can serve the medical problems of the community. There is no good transport or good road so many people die for lack of quick medical attention. The organization has a structure that they want to turn into a health centre to handle the medical problems of the community.



A fulfilled community in major areas of life that include clean water, access to education and health matters.



To initiate sustainable income generating programs like large scale farming, poultry and access to micro-finance by the community.



  • To be and or remain a non-political organization, initiating and implementing self-sustaining development programmes in Kanyadoto location division.
  • To progress and develop sustainable culture, social, economic and educational standards of the vulnerable members of the community – to develop self-worth.



  1. Provide access to education to all orphaned /poor children of Pundo community and its environments
  2. Eradicate poverty by accessing micro-finance and initiating sustainable income generating programmes like large scale farming.
  3. Stress on the girl child education
  4. Stop early marriage by girls and instead encourage them to follow their full education programmes.
  5. Reduce rate of school drop outs by providing the necessities to the needy pupils.
  6. Advocate for unity and harmony among the members of this community and its environment.
  7. To empower women in all aspects.
  8. To provide clean water by drilling boreholes/water pumps for the community use.
  9. To develop an integrated health programmes and put more efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS scourge amongst the community.
  10. To provide training facilities in all aspects of income generating activities.
  11. To enhance and protect the environment.
  12. To strengthen and build capacity base of the members for effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation of activities.



Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Sincerity
  • Integrity
  • Faithfulness
  • Trustworthiness

Water Project

To achieve the above vision and mission, the organization has decided to first address the water problem. The water project will be done in three different locations:

i)              In Nyarongi(Pundo family and the environment)

ii)             Unga,near Ndhiwa( 20KM from Nyarongi)

iii)            Pap Kaguoma( 2KM from Nyarongi)

The water project targets;4000 people in every named three places.


Draft Budget per one manual water pump:


Hand Pump

Survey-                                         Kshs    60,000

Permit-                                          Kshs     30,000

Drilling-                                         Kshs   800,000

Hand pump + water purification-  Kshs   120,000


Total:                                            Kshs1,010,000(8417Euros)


Cash in hand


Through a fund raiser organised by the organization on Saturday 23rd July 2011, a total of Kshs 261,636(2180Euros) was collected.



The organization needs Kshs 748364(6236Euros) per water pump.

 Structural Composition

Chairperson-Michael Okongo

Secretary-Samuel Aluoch

Secretary General-Millicent Atieno Okeyo

Treasurer-Margaret Ooko

General Treasurer: Regina Odero

Contact Details

Millicent Atieno Okeyo

P.O BOX  8667-00300


Tel: +254721713742



To achieve the goals & objectives of this organization, we need your help. For any donation of any kind, please find the bank details below:

Cooperative Bank of Kenya

P.O. Box 406 – 40300

Homa Bay Branch

Account Name:     Pundo Community Based Organization

Account Number: 01134293641400

Swift Code:           KCOOKENA


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