About us



Empower Together Kenya Foundation was started in March 2012 to help Community Based Organisations in Kenya to realize their goals.

The starting of ETKF was informed by the rapid increase in the gap between the rich and the poor, especially the ones in the local villages. By partnering with the local community based organisations, lack of water, health facilities and lack of school fees for the orphaned & needy children will be addressed.  Our main goal is to develop and support sustainable income generating projects for the local CBO that will enable them have a stable livelihood. This will in turn bridge the gap between the rich and the poor as the local community shall have access to clean drinking water, health facilities and orphaned & needy children shall have access to education.

Girls collecting water from one of the taps


An Independent and empowered local Kenyan communities with sustainable livelihood.


To develop and support sustainable income generating projects for the local Kenyan communities.


1. Provide access to clean water and health facilities.

2. Provide access to education to the orphaned & needy children.

3. Sensitize the local community on hygiene especially highlighting the need to have pit latrines done along these four letters; Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS).

4. Link the local community with national and international like-minded partners.

5. To look for international market for the items (hand-made & farm produce) made by the local community.


The board members of the foundation work on a voluntary basis, they do not receive any salary.

The Board

Empower Together Kenya Foundation has three competent board members

1. Chaiperson-Piet Prinse


2. Secretary-Julius Pundo


3. Treasurer-Jenny Zondag